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Funny Questions And Answers For Kids

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Funny Questions And Answers For Kids
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:18:54 PM »
1. What ended in the year 1919?
Answer: 1918 – yes, the year 1918 ended when the New Year 1919 begins! Isn’t that right?

2. What is the strongest force in the earth?
Option a: Rock
Option b: Iron
And the answer was LOVE!

3. Why do some cricket players never sweat?
Answer: Because they have huge fans!

4. Do you know; what is the best thing to put on a delicious cake?
Answer: Your MOUTH!

5. What is the major difference between a bird and a fly?
Answer: A Bird can fly but a fly cannot bird!

6. What do you say when you find two banana peels together?
Answer: A pair of slipper.

7. Can you tell me how to make an egg roll?
Answer: It is very simple. Just push it, It will role!

8. Join these two sentences: I was riding to school. I saw a dead body.
The answer is very funny: I saw a dead body riding to school.

9. There are innumerable tables of this kind, but there are no legs. What is that?
Answer: Multiplication tables and time tables.

10. There are two elements that always grow up, seeing the sky, and never down. What are they?
Answer: Age and your physical growth.
Explore your thoughts, It will explore your world.